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When our audiences encounter our brand content, the visuals are (literally) the first thing they see. That's why your visual content needs to be intentional, thoughtful, and consistently you.


Looking to elevate your brand visuals and presence?  Need fresh branded content and templates to use in your content and social media marketing? You will want to check out Our new Brand Content Kit service: perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses and solopreneurs. 

Our Creative Director Lara Kroeker works with you 1:1—over the course of a single week—to collaboratively create what we call a ‘visual identity system’ for your brand: a way to produce and collect the right core elements of your visual identity (logo, colour palette, typography, and brand imagery), along with the branded content assets and templates that you need every day in your content and social media marketing—assets like social media post templates, sample web pages, presentation decks and more. 

Working directly with you, Lara will create or elevate your visual brand assets and gather it all in a Canva Brand Content Kit for you to use and evolve. As a part of the service, you’ll get …

Full Brand Identity

Beyond the Brand Content Kit, our Creative Director and agency team will work with you to create a completely original distinctive and cohesive brand identity. From the design of a fully customized logo, to colour scheme development, typography selection and the capture of your unique photographic and illustrative style, we’ll deliver premium agency service, along with a powerful visual identity — all captured in a robust and actionable Brand Style Guide. This service often requires 2-4 months to complete. 

Logo Design & Rebranding

Interested solely in updating your logo, or crafting a fresh symbol for your brand identity? We can work with a range of budgets, either starting from templated options for a quick, clean solution, or working through a deep process to craft the perfect wholly original expression of your brand. 

Visual Content AND TEMPLATES for Blogs and Social Media

We create original visual content for websites, blog content, and social media, ranging from short videos and reels to animations, posts, and stories. Our team is also adept at creating visual branding elements including: brand patterns or textures, branded photographs and illustrations, icon series, and/or customized or original branded templates for social media posts (i.e.,Carousels, Testimonials, Stories, Reels, Quizzes, and more). 

Online Training for Visual Brand Design

Our BETTER ONLINE BRAND DESIGN COURSE gives you step-by-step guidance from Forge & Spark’s Creative Director, Lara Kroeker, on how to define your brand and express it visually. We give you all the tools and templates to define your brand and capture all your visual elements—from your logo and typography to social media templates— in an insanely handy Style Guide you’ll likely use every single day. 

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