About Us: B Corp Certification

our b corp story

Working with purpose-led brands has always been part of our DNA. But telling hundreds of stories about our clients’ impactful work inspired us to do more, too.

So in 2021, we applied to become a Certified B Corp.

Becoming a B Corp is no easy feat, and it took a year’s work to solidify our mission, clarify our purpose and implement our vision to achieve the certification.

We’re so proud to be one of a small but mighty group of business leaders working toward a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable economy.

Values that benefit everyone

Maintaining high standards for our work is at the core of who we are.

We continually strive for creative excellence—that’s one of our core values as an agency. But becoming a B Corp required more than producing consistently good work for our clients.

It is an ongoing commitment to bettering the social, environmental and economic conditions for our team, our partners and our community, too.

It places our greatest business value on our human bottom line. So we’ve baked that integrity right in to the values we live by.


Impact that ripples through the community

Being part of the B Corp community means more than just a certification to us. It’s a daily commitment to accountability, transparency, and continual improvement. It’s about seeking out clients, vendors, and partners who share our values and vision for a better world, and contributing to causes we care about. Here’s how we do it:
  • Working with like-hearted clients: We love working with purpose-led companies to amplify their good work, and offer special incentives for B Corps clients
  • Charitable giving: We make a $50 donation to a charity of choice on behalf of every new client
  • Pledge 1% We’re proud to participate in the Pledge 1% movement to help support local non-profit organizations
  • Volunteering: Every quarter, our team chooses a volunteer activity. These have included the Food Bank, clothing drives and pro-bono workshops for local non-profits
  • Mentorship and work experience: We actively recruit and mentor the next generation of purpose-led content creators and offer informal guidance at every opportunity
  • A nurturing culture: Our team culture emphasizes collaboration, care, respect and gratitude for one another both informally and using tools like Hey Taco

A bright future, together

With more and more businesses around the globe joining the B Corp movement, we’re envisioning a bright future—and will continue doing our part to get there.

With our B Corp recertification on the horizon, we’re doubling down on our efforts to give back, and on working with more purpose-driven organizations than ever. We hope you’ll join us!

Got questions about being, or becoming, a B Corp? Reach out any time to hello AT forgeandspark.com—we’d love to talk. 💛

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