Better Messaging, Better Results: How to create effective marketing messaging on social media for your real, human customers.

Frustrated with creating content that doesn’t drive business results? Better Messaging clarifies what you need to say in order to drive the right audience actions.

You know social media and content are supposed to be good for business. But when you don’t have a clear plan, it feels time-consuming, confusing, overwhelming, and an expensive waste of your time, people, and sanity. We’ll show you exactly how to create one in our online course.

Content creation doesn’t have to be hard.
Better messaging is the key.

Who should take this course?

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s you...

You want to stop wasting hours of time on creating content that doesn’t get results

You want a clear plan for creating the right social media content—a plan that you and anyone on your team can easily follow

You want your content to reach and engage the right audiences at every stage of their journey—from awareness all the way through to raving fandom

✓ You’re a business leader with a big stake in marketing your brand

You care about growing your business—and about how you show up in the world through your content

Here’s what happens when you have the right messaging in place…

You go from this:
To this:

Discouraged because you’re spending far too many precious hours every week figuring out what to post on your blog or social media and you’re still getting no results!

Confident that you—or anybody on your team, hallelujah!—can use your messaging map to efficiently produce the right content for every stage of your customer’s journey. YES!

Confused about what to say to your most important customers to engage them and prompt them to take action. You know what YOU need them to do, but what content will make them do it?

Crystal clear about the key messages your business needs to convey to your most important prospects—at just the right moment in their journey.

Unsure about how content and social media can really contribute to your bottom line.

Delighted by the results you’re seeing, and the business impact your content is making.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients on content marketing and social media strategies that WORK. Let us help you establish your foundation in this course.

You’ll finish with a clear, easy-to-follow messaging plan for your most important audiences.


In the Better Messaging, Better Results course, you’ll be guided through our proven process for establishing clear content goals, understanding your audience and their motivations, and crafting messaging that will truly speak to them—and make them act—from awareness through to raving fandom. 

In this 2hr course you’ll learn how to create a Messaging Map for your audience: a clear and easy to follow set of messages to capture their interest, earn their trust, and make them act. 

You’ll emerge from the course with:

✓ A messaging map for one targeted persona that addresses their needs and questions from discovery through to engagement, conversion, and delight

✓ A draft Persona for one of your most important audience groups, with insight into (and empathy for) their needs at each Customer Journey stage.

✓ Identification of your key messages at each stage of that journey

✓ Clear examples of how to apply your thoughtful messaging to content and social media marketing along the journey

Isn’t it time for better messaging—and better content marketing?

Here’s what the course will cover:

  1. Targeted Messaging: What a messaging map is, and what it can do for your business
  2. Content Objectives: We’ve adapted the classic OKR model specifically for content marketing-you’ll use it to get clear on your content goals
  3. Target Audience: Looking at one of your valuable audience groups, you’ll learn to develop a persona and understand what they need from your content
  4. Your Key Messaging: Clarity about how to communicate your specific business offerings in a way that serves you and your audience, too
  5. Your Messaging ‘Job To Be Done’: A simple and memorable structure for identifying precisely what your messaging needs to accomplish
  6. Your Complete Messaging Journey: You’ll pull it all together in a complete ‘map’ of your messaging for one complete persona—which you can then apply to others

“Shannon & the entire F&S team: thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t say how much I and the entire fit52 team appreciate all you have done for us and for the fit52 fam-all 250,000 of them! It’s been so cool to see this grow from a coffee conversation to a global community. Looking forward to 10x in coming years!”

Kim Ellery, fit52

“In working together, I was always impressed with Shannon’s creativity, strategic prowess and leadership…I would regularly set targets/goals for Shannon to help London Drugs achieve…and she would consistently hit them. Her approachable demeanour and personality was a welcome addition to my agency support network. I highly recommend Shannon.”

Dennis Dong, London Drugs

“Through careful and creative planning, Forge & Spark built our social media presence for Hospital Show from the ground up. The work done by Forge & Spark led to increased follower count, lead generation, and views on our YouTube channel. Their passion, honesty, and risk-taking made them an effective partner throughout the project.”

– Adam Greydon Reid, Bullrush Productions / Hospital Show


Shannon has an uncanny ability to connect with people in person and through content. With 20+ years in content strategy and marketing, and 10+ years as a teacher, adjunct professor, and mentor, Shannon is patient, kind, and thorough. You couldn’t ask for a better guide on your content marketing journey.

Better messaging will change your business for the better. Join us to learn how to stop guessing and start communicating.

Better Messaging Online Course FAQ

What is this course about?

It’s about identifying the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience so that they take action to benefit your business.

Why should I take this course now?

It will save you time, and it will make your messaging more effective. Having a strong, documented foundation for your messaging will give you—and anyone working on your content, marketing, or communications—clarity on what to say, when.

I’m not an entrepreneur, freelancer, or senior level in my career — is this course right for me?

Even if you don’t work in marketing or content, it’s helpful to have a clear understanding of the messages that will speak most effectively to your most important audiences and customers, which we cover in this course. The framework shared in this course also touches on goal-setting, persona creation, and creating the right content to move a customer through the buying process. If those skills feel valuable to you, this course is right for you.

I run my own business, I’m a senior executive, or I’m already creating content – is this course right for me?

Honestly, there’s so much good information packed into this course, that we’re a little concerned we’ve given away too much of our secret sauce. Think of your time during this course as learning time AND working time: you’ll learn more about your customers and how to talk to them, plus you’ll have actually created a very impressive messaging map that you can use or share with your team to guide their marketing. It’s a win/win for everyone.

What technical skills do you need to attend the course? What technology requirements do the students need to meet?

You’ll need access to reliable internet and a Thinkific Account (which you can sign up for very quickly and easily) to be able to take the course.

What if I still need support with my messaging at the end of the course?

Reach out! We are here to help.

What is your refund policy?

If you find this course does not serve you in any way, please reach out and we’ll make it right.

Are there any language requirements?

This course is taught in English.

Couldn’t I find this information online for free?

The knowledge in this course is the product of over 20 years of learning, creating, and working with real brands and businesses. So while you can probably find some of the more general information in this course for free online, you will not find it curated in this particular way or packed with as much insight. The framework and template presented in this course for your use are also completely custom-created and not available anywhere else online.

What will I walk away with?

You’ll walk away with a messaging map for one target customer segment identifying your own unique key messages to prompt a customer’s awareness, engagement, consideration, conversion, and advocacy. You’ll also walk away with an enormously useful messaging spreadsheet packed with examples, a whole lot of tips and samples, and (hopefully) a smile on your face.

What’s the time investment?

Roughly 2 hours to watch and consume the course offerings, and to complete your own messaging map for one persona. We delivered the course live in 60 minutes – enabling our live audience to sketch out their goals, a rough outline of one persona, and key messaging for that persona in that time. We’d recommend students of the course to then take at least another hour to flesh out those items and/or discuss with their teams.

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