Learn to Elevate Your Brand Content & Capture Your Assets in an Easy-To-Use Kit


You’re doing your best to publish great content for your website and socials, but to you, it feels amateur and off-brand. Your logos, colours, and fonts need serious work—plus these assets are impossible to find when you need them. All this, AND you’re always stumped when it comes to creating that one last-minute social post for your brand.

Sound familiar? Trying to “do content” on top of your day-to-day is a reality for so many business leaders and entrepreneurs.

The bottom line is that you need consistently professional brand content that works for you—and you need to be able to create it efficiently.  YOU, my friend, need a Brand Content Kit.


“I learned so much. The tools (spreadsheet) shared ahead of time was very helpful and the presentation slides available after are amazing. It allows me to go back and reflect on what I learned.”
— Kirsten Albo,
Ask KSA Consulting INC.

Learn to define how your brand should look, and create a system to get there.

Our two-hour course (completed at your own pace) will show you how to create a brand look and feel, and to create visual consistency across your communication channels.

You’ll also gain access to all the tools and templates (and a few bonus ‘cheats’) that you need to get started, with plenty of visual examples for reference and inspiration.

You’ll emerge from the course with a fully defined Visual Identity System, captured and accessible to you and your team in an online Brand Content Kit that will serve you well, as as your essential design collection, housing all of your brand’s visual elements and assets.


Since 2012, Forge & Spark Media has developed strategy and premium content for purpose-driven organizations. In this course we share the ‘tricks of our trade’ to help you level up your brand content, too.

What You Get From The Course

You’ll learn a ton. But the biggest takeaway? A fully fleshed-out Visual Identity System, and a host of customized, branded content assets collected in your own Brand Content Kit (a kind of Canva-based Style Guide). We’ll supply you with your own workbook, which you’ll fill in as we guide you through the course.

At the end of the course you’ll have an invaluable system to guide design and content creation for you and your team, PLUS a slew of bonus resources! 

The course first helps you to define your Brand Mission, Values, Personality & Style and determine how to visually express your brand. Then we share our agency secrets for creating your own visual brand assets, and organizing them in Canva for use and re-use … all so that content creation (whether you’re a designer or not!) becomes easier, and so much more rewarding. 



A foolproof step-by-step workbook that will become your go-to content creation bible — cutting your design time in half.

CUSTOMIZED logo, colour & fonts

We’ve curated and categorized ‘starter logos’, colour palettes, and typography and show you how to customize ’em.


Our agency Creative Director shares her own tips and how-tos in an engaging, accessible way, enabling even non-designers to create premium content.  

Plus you get...

branded social templates

Lara shares a robust set of social media templates and shows you how to brand and customize your own.


Icons, patterns, AI tools … these incredible resources can take HOURS to research. We’ve done it for you.

an education in canva

Canva is an incredible tool for online content creation. Our course will have you using it like a pro.

what our brand content kits look like ... a few examples


MODULE 1: What is a visual strategy and how can it help my brand?
This module introduces the course and gives you a new designation: Visual Strategist. You’ll learn what it means, and how visual strategy shapes your content. 

MODULE 2: Mission, Values, Tone & Style
Before you can design for a brand, there must be clarity about what a brand is. And yes, this takes time to get right. But we show you a fast-track route to getting clear on your Brand Mission, Core Values, Brand personality, and Brand Style—so that you can get a start on creating Visual Design that effectively expresses what your brand truly is.

MODULE 3: Evaluate the Health Of Your Visual Branding
The first step in creating a strong brand is to understand where you are starting from. That’s why the Style Guide begins with a brand audit, to give you a clear sense of what visual elements you have, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

MODULE 4: Clear and Actionable Brand Elements
Your brand is so more than just your logo. This module breaks down other key elements in visual design, including your colour palette, photography, iconography, and more. Lara also offers some INVALUABLE tools and shortcuts for everything from designing your logo to choosing the right colour palette. 

MODULE 5: How to work together with your Team
Canva is great tool to get everyone on the same page—but unless you have a system for organizing your assets, it can get messy. Lara offers experience and organizational tips for optimizing Canva for your purposes. 

This course is about design and helping your to create a clear and practical style guide so visuals look consistent and aligned.

It will save you time, and it will make your design more effective. Having a strong, visual strategy will give you—and anyone working on your content, marketing, or communications—clarity on what your brand needs to look like on all channels.

Even if you don’t work in marketing or content, it’s helpful to have a clear understanding of how you want to visually represent your brand to the world.

Honestly, there’s so much good information packed into this course, that we’re a little concerned we’ve given away too much of our secret sauce. Think of your time during this course as learning time AND working time: you’ll learn more about your brand and you’ll have actually created a very impressive brand style guide that you can use or share with your team to guide their marketing. It’s a win/win for everyone.

You’ll need access to reliable internet and a Thinkific Account (which you can sign up for very quickly and easily) to be able to take the course.

Most importantly you WILL need a CANVA account.

Reach out! We are here to help.

If you find this course does not serve you in any way, please reach out and we’ll make it right.

This course is taught in English.




Single payment, accessible immediately

Creative Director Lara Kroeker guides you in a 2-hour online course, YOU develop your brand's visual system at your own pace, using our tools, templates, and clear instruction.

5 Modules in 2 hours
Canva Style Guide Template
24/7 lifetime access


Logo Templates in Canva
Choose from and customized our carefully selected logo starters

Grab ‘n’ Go Colour Palettes
Get inspired by the 15 contemporary colour combinations for you to choose from and customize

Typography Cheat Sheet
Select the right typography combination for your Brand Content Kit from our selected picks

Starter Social Templates
Give yourself a leg-up with our robust set of social media templates to brand-customize


Intro Promo: $6,750.00

Guided by Creative Director Lara Kroeker, who you'll work with 1:1, our agency team works with you to develop your own Brand Content Kit AND custom, branded content assets over the course of a week.

Your Own Brand Content Kit
A handy, online-accessible ‘kit’ in Canva enables you to access all your key brand visuals, assets, templates, and content to make creating content easy … and maybe even fun. The ‘kit’ includes …

Your Branded Colour Palette
Your own beautiful brand colour palette, starting from our library of recommended combinations

Your Optimized-for-Online Brand Logos
4 Variations of your own brand logo, optimized from existing or customized from huge template library

Brand Imagery
10+ premium brand photos and/or illustrations selected/adapted from a huge stock library for use on web or social

Your Own Branded Content and Templates
Choose which content you’d like us to brand, using 5 Content Credits. Your brand content might include presentation decks, social posts and headers, sample web mockups, or more.

Instructor Bio

A graduate of Emily Carr University in communication design, Lara has worked as a designer, developer, and creative director. Lara is the Creative Director for Forge & Spark Media, a women-led, Certified B Corp based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

A Webby-award-winning designer, developer, and technologist, Lara has worked with brands around the world and across many industries, creating websites for products, films, and TV series; e-commerce sites for clothing designers, stores, and record labels; and social impact sites for climate change and human rights projects. As a designer she also has worked with nonprofits and environmental organizations such as Innovation Africa, The Environmental Youth Alliance and the Canadian Labour congress; with artists such as Douglas Coupland; with journalists including CBC News’ Neil Macdonald; and with broadcast TV, contributing to series such as Down2Earth on APTN and Green Heroes on TVO.

She’s a proud mama, a passionate musician, and a committed teacher.

Forge & Spark Team Photo

FEEL-GOOD BONUS! All our students & clients contribute to our 'Give Back' program

Let’s do some good together, shall we?

For every new client and student we work with, Forge & Spark donates $50 to a charity of your choice to help further the UN SDGs of gender equality, quality education, and sustainable cities and communities. Causes we’ve previously supported include: Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, Women to Women International, Mamas for Mamas, Vancouver Food Bank, Dress for Success, and Kiva. 

Thank you for helping us to shape a better world. 💛