About us


A women-led content agency and Certified B Corp, Forge & Spark supports purpose-driven leaders with authentic and effective content and social media marketing.

Why? Well, we believe it’s important to show up as you are—and to give the world that gift. Why should you marketing feel weird, and cringe-y? The answer is: it shouldn’t. You’re doing good work that matters. We want to help you make an impact.

A proud Certified B Corp, Forge & Spark connects good businesses with their audiences through authentic, intelligent communication and content—all while living the highest social and environmental standards ourselves, and helping our own amazing people to flourish and grow.  

Values we live by.

We put our values into practice. These values guide us in choosing each project, and in delivering consistently premium work. We believe that if we take good care of each other, we’ll all be better off. 

Creative Excellence

We revere, celebrate, and deliver unique, premium-quality work.

Firm Kindness

We treat our team members, clients, audiences and partners with care, respect for their rights and needs, and empathy.


We apply our wits, will, and experience to deliver the best and smartest solution for our team, clients, and partners.

Collaborative Strength

We join our clients to become a team, believing that together we are much more than the sum of our parts.


We represent authenticity, respect of others' time, talents, and perspectives, give credit where it's due, and learn openly from our mistakes.


Ways you can work with us...

You’re unique, and we celebrate that! We offer a few options for working together. What works best?


When you’re ready to get results, but not sure how to get them, we help. We work with you and your team to audit and refine what you’re doing, or we can start from scratch. 

You get a plan or roadmap to lay out your goals, audiences, content and/or operations — plus the confidence that you’re doing content the right way for you. 


When you’re a fit, you know it. Right? 

We get to know the ins and outs of your business, brand, team, and content in Discovery and Strategic Planning. Then we get extra close when we set up your content operations and deliver your first batches of content. 

We become family when we start to surprise and delight each other with content that truly sparks joy—and pride for us all. 


Once you create the strategy, you — along with your teams and stakeholders — have to figure out the right way to work the strategy. 

Whether you need a few consulting sessions where your team can ask questions or want to create the perfect IG Story template, we can help. We also offer a suite of content marketing courses that you or your team can take online any old time at all.

To support your content
marketing project

You'll be working with a customized team including some of the phenomenal folks below.

Our Team

Shannon Emmerson
Founder & CEO

With 20+ years experience in digital publishing, comms, and marketing for B2B, B2C and agencies, Shannon knows that it’s all about genuine connection. Stories, quality content, and sometimes whisky, helps.  

Inspired by: Small acts of courage. Honesty. Compassion.

Lisa Manfield
Editorial & Story Director

Lisa’s speciality is in crafting compelling and high-conversion content, whether for your website, blog, landing pages or your marketing and sales collateral. Her magic is firm questions, and transforming whatever you say into the right content.

Dreams of: Content that inspires positive change.

Lara Kroeker
Creative Director

An Emily Carr University Communication Design graduate, Lara combines her talent for aesthetics with a deeply practical tech savvy. A true creative, Lara is a world traveller, musician, and pure delight.

Believes in: Glue guns and glitter.

Colby Spencer
Director of Ops

From her 15+ years working both agency and client side in a multitude of roles, Colby has a knack for implementing process, organizing systems and bringing order to disorder. She plays bad cop to wrangle projects, but has a warm and beautiful heart.

Inspired by: Brainstorming new ideas to existing problems

Kirsten Rodenhizer
Senior Editor & Strategist

Kirsten is an editor, writer and content project manager who is passionate about helping clients bring their stories to life across platforms. With a background in magazine editorial, she asks the right questions, and expertly gets to the heart of your story.  

Inspired by: Finding the right words to connect with any audience.

Mewmew Srihiran
Digital Marketing Manager

Having joined us through the UBC Sauder School of Business Co-op program, Mewmew has become an indispensable part of our research, reporting, and digital marketing operation. An impeccable researcher, Mewmew supports our team and clients with research, reporting and analysis, and content production.

Wakes up to: Coffee and good food.

Chelle Morgan
Senior Content Strategist

A storyteller at heart, Chelle has experience both brand-side and client-side developing robust strategies for digital comms, social media, influencers, email, editorial, and paid media. 

Passionate about: Inventive beauty

Carli Van Stolk

With her master’s degree in communications and 7+ years of experience under her belt, Carli combines her education, experience, and endless ideas to help optimize your brand’s digital marketing. She’s currently working with us from beautiful Portugal.

Dreams of: Exploring faraway places.

REn Reed
Senior Designer

Ren is a senior-level designer with a background in magazine and editorial design. She has a passion for all things Adobe and learning new skills. She is THE person we turn to for restaurant recommendations.

Dreams of: Exploring the world.

Sara MacKay
Visual Designer

Sara is a graphic designer with a penchant for entrepreneurship (and tasty cocktails). She specializes in digital design and is obsessed with all things social media.

Dreams of: Seaside passionfruit mezcalitas with a bowl of fresh guac.

Bronwyn Wilson
Project Manager 

Passionate about social media strategy and execution, Bronwyn has worked with the Vancouver Aquarium and alive Magazine, and assisted international businesses to find growth opportunities in the Canadian market.

Believes in: Always smiling, compassion, and getting outdoors.

Kelsey Westbrook
Project Manager

When not sailing BC’s coastal waters on her aptly named sailboat Zig-Zag, Kelsey is a Project Manager with 10+ years of PM experience across the digital marketing landscape. She is a champion of process and believes most problems can be solved with the right Excel spreadsheet.

Dreams of: Days spent at sea, as far away from cell reception as possible.

Esther Mutinda
Project & Content Coordinator

Esther supports F&S from Mombasa, Kenya, providing our clients with top-notch research, project coordination, copywriting, and social media support. She has won our internal ‘Kindest Spark’ award for infinite years running. 

Passionate about: Digital literacy and helping others learn.

Zohra Shahabuddin
Content Marketing Coordinator

Zohra is an international student currently pursuing a Master of Publishing (MPub) from SFU. She likes challenges and loves to explore the realm of content marketing. Zohra supports the F&S team with social media, research, content creation and coordination.

Passionate about: TikTok, accessibility, and Chai.

Hanna Clark
Social Media Strategist & Producer

Hanna specializes in crafting compelling digital content. She finds inspiration in the power of human connection and storytelling.

Passionate about: Mental health advocacy and all things wellness.