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Not everyone loves content as much as we do. Let us care for yours.

SIX MONTHS OF CONTENT! THE story package Campaign

The skinny? We do a deep dive into your goals and stories and propose six months of content, to tell your most important brand stories. Then, once we’ve got the plan in place, our journos and writers create search-optimized, on-brand stories in the form of monthly “Story Packages.” Each Story Package contains 1-2  (you tell us how many you need) long-form articles or blogs, fully designed, PLUS five social media stories (also fully designed and captioned) to help drive reader interest back to that exquisite long-form piece. It’s content for months. 


We work exceptionally well with organizations that have small but mighty marketing teams—but who need a gap filled here and there. Our seasoned pros ‘slot in’ where you need us, and can help you and your team to plan and execute campaigns to get the win (and content pride) you know you need.  

HOW IT WORKS: We’ll quickly get a handle on your goals, audiences, and internal resources, then will select the right Project Manager, Strategist, and content production specialists you need. This curated team can then step in seamlessly to partner with you/yours, to expertly plan, deliver, publish, and amplify content you can take pride in.  

Campaign Development and Management

We’re organic content specialists. But we know that organic content needs a little boost and oomph from time to time. So we’ve developed an expertise in authentic content campaigns amplified by paid media — pulling in partner ad specialists to make sure your beautiful content is seen far and wide. Campaigns often include the following elements. Ask us for a custom quote. 

What are Story Packages, you ask?

Each Story Package combines long-form “anchor” or “macro” content for your website or blog with several “micro” content items for your social media channels. 

What that means is that you’ll have spot-on, search-optimized, long-form content on your site, with plenty of small bits and bites on social to drive your audience back to that anchor, and your site, where (of course) they’ll also explore your products and services … and be compelled to do business with you. Smart, right?

We work with you up front to get crystal clear on your goals, audiences, and most important stories, so we’ll know exactly what to say in your long- and short-form content. 

Then, because it’s packaged all together, we can schedule it out over weeks or even months, to keep telling those important stories in a time-efficient manner. You won’t even have to wonder what to post next, because we’ll have already produced and scheduled it. 

Yep. You’re welcome. 


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