How to Reach Your Target Audience on Social Media as a Purpose-Led Brand

The social media landscape can be a daunting place when you’re trying to find and connect with your audience online. Do people still use Twitter? Can we still call it Twitter, or just X? Has TikTok been banned? Should a purpose-led brand even be on either? Below, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to […]

How to Develop Your Social Media Narrative

With nearly 70% of Canadians using social media, you may think that having an active social media presence is enough to build your brand. Unfortunately, that’s not enough anymore. So, how do you stand out on social media and craft posts that get remembered?

How to Take Your Marketing Content Behind the Scenes

Building a social media community is not like traditional advertising. Your audience is no longer a nameless mass. Online followers keep track of your brand, comment on the articles, and join in your discussions. And one interesting development about this community is the value of ‘behind the scenes’ content.

Beautiful Examples of Brand Content: H&M and Wes Anderson

As part of a new Beautiful Brand Content blog series, I’m taking a look at beautiful examples of brand content: brands, in other words, that through content marketing nail the difficult balance between an emotionally resonant experience and effective marketing strategy.