Exceptional Content Series: How Arc'teryx Sells Products Through People

Exceptional Content: How Arc’teryx Sells Products Through People


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Ever wondered what it takes to elevate a story to new heights? Arc’teryx is a prime example of how to sell products globally. And they do it through people.

Arc’teryx knows it isn’t enough to just have top of the line, innovative gear—and they do have that. They know, too, that they won’t stand out and become a world leader by local word of mouth—though locals flock to new store openings in droves.

What Arc’teryx does differently than its competition is to create content that zeroes in on the desires of their target customer in a very real, very raw way, by telling engaging, real-life stories about their customers and employees.

They show (and tell about) their customer’s dreams coming true.

What Makes Arc’teryx Content Exceptional

Arc’teryx’s content features helpful, and emotionally rich stories about and from people who actually use their equipment and clothing, including customers and employees. Each one is beautifully written and accompanied by stunning photography.

Every content item is, effectively, a walking, hiking, mountaineering, traversing testimonial from the mouths of the customers themselves, helping the company climb to the top of the outdoor gear industry. Every blog post, Reel, Facebook update, tweet, TikTok, and YouTube video is a tangible piece of social proof that their products not only work, and look great, but that they help the user achieve greatness and live their outdoor dreams.

In their content marketing, it isn’t just the product that’s revolutionary—it’s the consumer.

By showcasing this cohesively across brand touch-points, adjusting for audience and platform (it doesn’t matter where the customer lands, or how they encounter the brand online) the potential customer explores heart-stopping adventures with folks who are just like them, using Arc’teryx products. Coaxing the question: why not them? Why not now? All they need to do is get the gear, and be a part of this family.

With such consistent storytelling, Arc’teryx is the first place real outdoor enthusiasts go, for the best tools on the market, to live out their fantasies of summiting that next climb, skiing that next mountain, or trekking that next alpine experience.

Arc’teryx has mastered epic storytelling through sharing epic experiences, resulting in epic sales and business growth.

Your Takeaway

Elevating your brand requires much more than ticking off your list of standard marketing tactics. In a culture of over-advertising and saturated markets, people have gone ad-blind, but they still want to feel. They want to feel special. A part of something. Like new heights are possible. Show and tell them how this is being done. Let people and purpose come first.

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