The Power of a Killer Social Media Plan (That WON’T Kill You)

When it comes to effective social media marketing, to ensure you’re communicating effectively and optimizing your (and your team’s) time, you really do need a social media plan. AND there’s really no way around having to adapt when things don’t go quite your way.

Why Marketing With Purpose Matters Now

Many brands have been struggling to figure out how to communicate within an environment that seems to alter daily. We’re all trying. If you’re a business leader or brand trying to express your purpose in this new world, here are a few places to start. 

Make Great Content. Even Now.

Is it okay to keep marketing our wares? What messaging do customers need and want right now? And how can we ensure we stay on-brand at the same time? Whether your business is facing a slowdown or is busier than ever during this time, one thing is clear: this is not the time to stop communicating with your audience.

Inspiring Content for Troubled Times

As a content marketing agency, we’re hearing many of these kinds of questions from our business networks, and clients: How do you say what needs to be said without sounding preachy? How do you continue to keep your business running without sounding as if you’re profiteering?

How to Take Your Marketing Content Behind the Scenes

Building a social media community is not like traditional advertising. Your audience is no longer a nameless mass. Online followers keep track of your brand, comment on the articles, and join in your discussions. And one interesting development about this community is the value of ‘behind the scenes’ content.

How to Develop Your Social Media Narrative

With nearly 70% of Canadians using social media, you may think that having an active social media presence is enough to build your brand. Unfortunately, that’s not enough anymore. So, how do you stand out on social media and craft posts that get remembered?

Beautiful Examples of Brand Content: H&M and Wes Anderson

As part of a new Beautiful Brand Content blog series, I’m taking a look at beautiful examples of brand content: brands, in other words, that through content marketing nail the difficult balance between an emotionally resonant experience and effective marketing strategy.