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How to Use Ai Tools for Content Creation, Whether You’re a Seasoned or Newbie Writer


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Content creation is tough … Can AI help?

When I was a kid I used to watch sci-fi movies where computers took over the world. I never imagined that kind of world would actually come to pass—but here we are. So much in our daily lives is dependent on technology; it’s a world where a national cell phone and internet outage shuts down everything from emergency systems to our ability to pay for our morning latte. And increasingly, it’s a world where we can also ask our computers to create content for us.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or creator, or a busy professional looking for a hand, this concept—having AI assist you with content creation—might provoke strong or mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s scary to imagine a computer being able to capture what’s in your head. On the other hand, it is mighty appealing to imagine getting help with generating content ideas, and with creating draft copy for that blog post or ad—in record time.

This is where AI can help.

AI content creation tools can guide safely and smoothly down the twisty, bumpy pathway of content production—whether you need the content for marketing, sales, presenting ideas, or just to create the perfectly worded caption for your Instagram feed.

So what is AI content creation?

AI content creation, simply put, is when AI (artificial intelligence) creates content for you. AI technologies can produce blogs, emails or copy for your social media, based on your content prompts (that’s where you come in). You can ‘tell’ your AI tool of choice what kind of voice, tone, or language you want to use, and the most essential bits of information you need to include; then choose what kind of content you want the tool to produce, including format, length, and context.

Popular tools that we’ve tried include: Jasper (an AI writer) and Grammarly (a writing support tool, checking that grammar) – but there are hundreds of technologies out there that do everything from create your copy to generating your video and audio content.

In general, AI tools can provide you with solid support with content creation, giving you time back to focus on finesse rather than starting from scratch.

How to use AI tools for your unique content needs

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The first trick when it comes to AI is to get over being threatened by it—and instead determine where you most need support. Consider following these easy steps.

1. Clarify your content goals

Content creators produce content of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking at using AI to support your content marketing efforts, your first step will be to gain clarity about what exactly you want to achieve with your content. If you are a newbie to content marketing, then we recommend you to check out our blog about how to create content goals here.

2. Choose your buddy

Try not to think of HAL; instead consider all the ways that AI tools are going to make your life that much easier. Once you have identified what type of content you need help creating or refining, choose your tool accordingly: here’s a great list of tools to consider. Think of AI tools as a kind of imaginary friend: why can’t we have one as adults, after all?

3. Feed the dragon

Whatever AI tool you use, imagine it is a dragon and it needs to be fed. AI does not produce content out of thin air. It needs prompts and clues to generate the content you seek. SO, feed the dragon. The more you feed the better it becomes at identifying your context and tone. With time, you can train your dragon to follow your instructions just like Hiccup trained Toothless.

4. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Often, the content generated by your AI tool WILL seem wrong, robotic, and/or not at all in your tone of voice. That’s ok. Now’s your time to shine. Without the pressure of the blank page, you can add your own phrasing, humor, or language, and edit the copy to suit you. To make sure that your content touches your target audience on a personal level, always review it yourself or get it reviewed by a real human writer. Remember, AI can help you in generating ideas or coming up with drafts but it still needs that human touch.The things that the heart creates touches the heart.

5. Don’t Become Dependent (Too Much)

In life, my motto is to always have plan B, Plan C and Plan D. This helps you in anticipating a lot of pitfalls ahead in time. Use AI tools to optimize your content production but don’t rely on it for everything. Every once in a while, just let your creative juices flow and see what emerges.

Is AI worth it?

Forge and Spark AI Content Box of Chocolate

As Tom Hanks says in Forrest Gump: Life is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you are going to get. This is exactly the case with most AI tools out there; you don’t know what you are going to get unless you try it out for your own purpose. Most tools do come with a ‘try for free’ option, so don’t be afraid to test out a few. And remember, too, that writing is a learned skill: the more you write the better you will get—and the more your AI knows your style, the better it will get at supporting you, too.

For more tips on writing that connects with your audience, check out our blog on achieving a conversational tone in your content. Looking for more support? Just reach out. We’re a group of humans that’s always here for you.


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