SEO Trends in 2024: The Latest Must-Dos for Your Blog Content


AI is everywhere in 2024. With AI large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Gemini truly changing the SEO game (along with everything else in content marketing), we thought it high time to share our insights on this year’s SEO Trends. (Psst: check out SEO trends for 2023 to see all that’s changed). The good […]

AI Wins and Flops—Lessons from an Agency’s Journey Using AI for Content Marketing

Forge & Spark AI for content marketing spilled coffee

Forge & Spark Media is a content agency dedicated to serving purpose-driven brands including non-profits, social ventures, and fellow B Corps. While that description might not scream “AI early adopters,” our team is committed to delivering genuine value to our clients and audience—and as an agency owner, I’m genuinely interested in exploring the best ways […]

5 Tips to Up Your Content Operations Game

Content marketing is always changing. It’s becoming more formalized, more targeted, and more efficient. It’s a part of most marketing operations. In fact, it’s getting to the point where there are some businesses aren’t even calling what they’re doing content marketing anymore. Instead, they’re calling it content operations, according to Marketeer. Don’t let the next-generation name […]

Personas Matter in Content Marketing—Here’s Why

If you’re involved in business, you’re all too aware that you need customers to survive and thrive. When done well, personas help you understand what someone needs from your content, product or service.

4 Content Challenges Faced by Purpose-Led Brands

If you sometimes struggle with content ideas, lack of resources to tackle the content, or you’re just stuck, you’re not alone. We’ve also been there, and we’ve got some advice for you in tackling some of the comment content marketing struggles