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E.B. Horsman & Son reached out to us, first, to help their small marketing team “get more strategic about content.” Specifically, they wanted to optimize their web content and existing blog posts; and to figure out exactly how to use content to generate brand awareness and drive sales to their new e-commerce site.

About a year later—the team delighted with the success of EBH’s ongoing strategic content, they reached out to generate a strategic roadmap and content for Albrite Lighting, a brand they’d acquired, but hadn’t quite figured out how to position on their website, and in their social media channels.

The Challenge

Developing a content strategy for EBH, the ‘parent brand,’ was relatively straightforward for our team. What wasn’t quite so simple for our team was the core subject matter. We were up front with the client about our lack of direct experience in creating content around electrical manufacturing, but agreed, together, to bring on a project manager experienced with the industry, and an experienced trades-focused journalist to provide the content. We also set up a process for gathering insights and intel from subject matter experts within EBH, and for having them provide efficient reviews—so that we were able to learn quickly, and get the content exactly right.

Later on, when the EBH content marketing operation was humming along smoothly, we were asked to tackle the challenge of crafting a brand strategy for their sub-brand, Albrite Lighting. The brand was presented at the time very separately to EBH—on a separately branded sub-page on the site. The challenge for us all here was to sort out how to talk about Albrite, and present content, on the website and on social media.

The Work

We began our work with EBH with an audit of their own content, as well as a competitive audit, to discover what their key competitors and ‘worthy rivals’ were doing most successfully with their own content marketing—and where key opportunities for EBH lay. Presenting this to EBH stakeholders, we then embarked on a series of Discovery workshops to explore and identify their content marketing goals, how to measure success; to develop their audience personas; and to begin to outline which channels and content formats would best deliver the results they needed.

We translated all of our findings and recommendations into a Content Marketing Roadmap for EBH, and once reviewed and approved, set up content marketing operations to begin delivering on their priority content, which included monthly ‘Content Batches’ including search-optimized blog posts created by a trades journalist, as well as recommended social posts and newsletter copy. We continue to deliver batches for EBH, meeting monthly for both reporting and analysis—we provide monthly reports to check in on what’s working and what’s not, providing recommendations for improvement—and for future content planning.

When we kicked off our Discovery work on EBH’s sub-brand Albrite Lighting, our process was similar. With Albrite, our strategic discovery led us to create a fresh new website page for Albrite within the EBH site, as well as to a unique set of customer personas and unique blog and social media content for the brand. 

Happily, we’ve again been engaged by EBH to provide strategic consulting on developing a Communications Plan for yet another recent acquisition.

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The Results

We’re proud to not only have delivered the strategic guidance that EBH needed, both for their parent brand and two sub-brands, but to also – month over month – see their target KPIs growing steadily, as outlined below.

✅ A +1,967% boost in pageviews for EBH
✅ A +2,863.5% increase in unique pageviews for EBH
✅ A +52.5% jump in time on page for EBH
✅ A 25% decrease in bounce rate on EBH (people are staying on the site once they read a blog)
✅ A +111.8% jump in page value – indicating that customers are now buying products via content
✅ The Albrite landing page is now #1 on Google for targeted keywords
✅ We’ve seen a 48.13% of traffic to the Albrite pages is from organic search, indicating successful SEO
✅ Albrite’s page value increased by +864.47%, indicating that people are buying products from our Albrite content 🎉

Why We Love Them

The people we work with on both the E.B. Horsman & Albrite teams are some of the kindest, most down-to-earth and honest, and warmest clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with. They deeply value collaboration, kindness, and integrity—just like we do—and that’s been crystal clear since Day 1. Thank you, EBH & Albrite, for giving us the chance to prove ourselves in a new industry, and to grow with you.

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Quick Overview

When one of Canada’s leading electrical distributors needed to get more strategic about blog and social media content for two brands, our content team and a specialist in trade journalism dug in to drive e-commerce traffic.

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