The Ultimate Guide to Conducting a Brand Visual Audit

How to do a brand visual audit

Over the years, we’ve seen messy websites and social media channels. Every business, and every project, needs a unifying visual strategy that tells a consistent story—one that feels authentic, clear and actionable. And yet, so few do. But how can you fix it? It starts with a brand visual audit.

6 Steps to Create a Visual Brand Ecosystem

Creating Brand Visual Ecosystem

Your brand is not just logos, colors, and tagline. Your brand’s visual ecosystem is made up of all the different elements that come together to create a unique experience for your customers, regardless of where they’ve encountered your content.

How to Organize Your Content Closet: Lessons from a Web Developer

Organize Your Content Closet - Forge & Spark Media

You need to be able to group content within a website so that you can easily find information and make it simple for visitors to search through your site’s content. The way you choose to organize the content within a website is key to the user experience (UX) and can keep a site running efficiently.