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Thoughtfully. We’ve worked with Genus Capital Management to develop—and then annually update—an actionable content marketing roadmap that zeroes in on the firm’s business goals and target audience. Then we put a whipsmart content team in place to collaboratively work as an extension of Genus’ internal team. Together, for four years running, we continue to publish killer long-form and social media content.

Since 2019 we’ve worked with Genus to reach & engage target audiences with the intention of building trust—so that those audiences choose to become customers.


Genus Capital Management, an innovative and sustainable-investing focused wealth management company, has partnered with us since 2019 to create, implement and continuously refresh a social media content strategy that helps them communicate effectively with—and create a lead funnel for—three target audiences.

Their main goals are to effectively reach and engage key audiences, with the intention of building authority and trust—all so that those key audiences choose to become customers. 

Our strategic approach to publishing persona-targeted, premium content has resulted in a 214% increase in Genus’ total social media audience since our partnership began, along with a 558% boost in the traffic driven from social channels to the website. 

The First Challenge? Determining the Right Content & Channels for a New Audience

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to make positive change with an investment portfolio, Genus Capital Management can confirm it. And we’ve been alongside them to help tell the story of how they do it—and why it’s so important—since 2019.

When we kicked off our longstanding relationship with Genus Capital Management, a Certified B Corp based in Vancouver that’s been offering custom investment portfolios for more than 30 years, we were asked to bring a fresh and strategic approach to its social media marketing. Specifically, the firm wanted to be much more upfront about its passion for impact investing and sustainability, and wanted to engage with likeminded audience groups. 

Genus’s innovative responsible and impact investing solutions were designed for individuals and institutions to invest along a spectrum that matches their values. When they approached us, they were specifically looking for a content marketing and social media strategy that would help them communicate effectively with—and create a lead funnel for—a social media-savvy target audience that cares deeply about the future of the planet. What channels were these folks on? What content interested them most? How could we not only reach and engage them, but also develop authority in the impact investing space, and encourage a real relationship? 

Our Work: Strategy, Content Planning, Reporting, Content Design & Development

In our initial engagement, we set out to create a Social Media Roadmap that included the development of two fresh audience personas and accompanying user paths and channel plans. This work became part of a full content marketing strategy designed to use content strategically to grow brand awareness and new audiences, and drive targeted audiences to the website for the purpose of capturing specific leads. 

As part of our content marketing strategy for Genus, we have set, and regularly updated, the firm’s goals and KPIs for measuring success; developed, refreshed, and updated its customer personas and a channel plan; and designed and regularly updated its visual design and social media templates. Alongside the strategy, we also created a condensed social media handbook: a practical playbook that Genus has used with internal content creators and external marketing partners. 

We continue to work with Genus as a strategic content marketing extension of its marketing team. Each month, we meet as colleagues to provide robust reporting against their KPIs—always including strategic insights, and recommended actions, along with a detailed content plan for 2-3 months into the future, welcoming the Genus team’s insights on all upcoming events, themes, and content priorities. Throughout the month, our team then creates, delivers, and publishes Blog- and Social-Only Story Packages (search-optimized, journalist-penned blog posts promoting services and events, each with accompanying social media posts, stories, and/or Reels and paid ad promotion) as well as standalone social media content.

RESULTS: We’re proud to have developed a very well-trafficked body of journalist-penned, search-optimized blogs and articles that speak for the Genus brand

Working with the fabulous Genus team, we have developed a well-trafficked body of journalist-penned and search-optimized blogs and articles, as well as trust- and authority-building social content for LinkedIn, X (Twitter) and Facebook. Month over month we consistently hit and exceed targets for audience growth, engagement, and social clickthroughs, always providing insights and recommendations for improving content quality and efficacy.

During our partnership, we’re also proud to have launched an Instagram channel for Genus, and grown an impressive presence there; as well as having contributed to a 214% increase in the brand’s overall social media audience, and a 588% boost in the traffic driven from social channels to the website. 

Our strategic work has also resulted in new and continually updated marketing personas for the Genus brand, corresponding to the kinds of clients they’d most like to reach and engage with through their content. 

Customer journey messaging for each persona has, furthermore, led to the right audiences growing on each social platform, with strong and growing engagement on each. 


Why We Love Them

Genus has shown us that you can create true societal change by investing in companies with positive environmental, social and governance practices AND that you can improve your own financial future by doing so. That’s putting your money where your mouth is.