A Dynamic Brand Refresh

Avante POP Displays



Easily. Rob already knew exactly what he needed the Avante brand to say. And within a week of working with F&S, Rob’s team had a new brand, complete with refreshed logo, colour palette, typography, and imagery—PLUS designs for a new website, and a slew of social media templates his team put to work that week.

After 30+ years with the same logo and 15 with the same website, this brand’s visual identity needed a lift.

Avante is a B.C.-based manufacturer of point-of-purchase displays geared to turning heads and driving retail sales. And for a business on a mission to deliver “creative partnerships for effective brand communication,” and a goal to be seen as innovative and futuristic, fresh branding was among the highest priorities for Rob Bancroft, who purchased the business in 2022.

But with a tight budget and an even tighter schedule, Rob wasn’t sure where to begin—until we told him about F&S’ (then) spankin’ new Brand Content Kit Service, which was (in late 2023).

Avante’s main goals then were to ensure that the brand’s foundational visual elements—including their logo, colours, typography, photography and imagery—accurately represented Avante’s current and future vision. Rob wanted to capture a fresh visual representation of the company’s values, its personality, its purpose, and its real value to clients. And he wanted to be able to quickly apply that vision to the company’s most highly visible content, including the company website, social channels, and social content.

It was, in short, a perfect fit for the Brand Content Kit service: a holistic visual identity refresh, PLUS branded content, all packaged together in a handy Canva kit. The service is fast and efficient for busy business leaders like Rob, requiring a single – albeit busy – business week from kickoff to finish. No long meetings are required (which clients appreciate), though we do ask them to be around and available to provide feedback in the moment, to keep things moving along.

Our approach was simple: get the kit delivered in a week, thanks to fun, collaborative work sessions where we transparently shared progress and got feedback in real time.

Prior to kicking things off on the Brand Content Kit, Rob and his team had already been in the process of redesigning the Avante logo. They acknowledged that they could benefit from design support with that project, as well as with building out a fuller brand identity and presence that could be applied readily to the company website to social banners, posts, presentations, and beyond.

So we got things rolling with a customized questionnaire, zeroing in on the Avante brand identity today and what it should look and feel like. We also wanted to start the Avante team thinking about the kinds of content they wanted to ‘test’ the new branding on.

Led by our fearless Creative Director, Lara Kroeker, we then rolled up our sleeves to prepare and host two half-day work sessions, each kicked off by ultra-focused (yet fun … really!) 45-minute calls: Day 1 was all about setting up the kit and pulling together initial options, and Day 2 aimed to then fully flesh out the “go ahead” content items that would ultimately make up the Brand Kit.

Deciding their go-ahead content for Avante involved figuring out exactly how to “spend” the 10 Content Credits that are included with the Brand Content Kit service. The Avante team opted to use its credits to have our team design a mockup of a new Home Page (using the new branding); a series of branded headers for the brand’s multiple (and then-inconsistently branded) social media channels; and several social media templates that could be put to use right away by Avante’s small but mighty marketing team.

After a couple of follow-up days working to refine the Brand Kit and requested content assets, it was a thrill to unveil the final results to the Avante team live on Day 5.

The Impact: The Avante team was able to spin our foundational BRANDING AND design work into a fresh new website—AND A SLEW OF CONTENT.

At the end of the week, we presented the Avante team with the brand elements and the Kit, including the refreshed logos, custom font sets, and new colour palette, along with premium branded social templates, fresh social media channel headers, new curated photos, icons, textures and other visual assets, and the new web page mockup.

We captured it all for easy review and daily use in a handy working file in Canva (their tool of choice) so that any of their team members can now create perfectly on-brand, consistently impactful, designs and content for their business going forward.

The sample web pages and social posts were a particular hit for everyone—not only because they serve as practical building blocks for the future, but because they gave our team a chance to showcase the newly minted visual identity, and how beautifully it expresses the brand’s essence in content.

Following our work together, Avante has used our design as a guide for development in releasing a budget-friendly brand new website (at last!), and continues to use the kit daily in marketing and communications work.

Why We Love Them

Avante was a dream to work with! They were present, available, and enthusiastic in perfect measure, and it was a true collaborative journey bringing the team’s ideas to life. We can’t wait to see where they take the brand next. 💛

“The professionalism, responsiveness, and creativity of your team made the entire experience seamless. We are thrilled with the final result and would highly recommend your services to others. Thank you for making the branding process both effective and enjoyable!”  ~Miranda, Avante Marketing Manager