You’re doing good work. We tell people about it online, exceptionally.

We’re Forge & Spark Media, a content marketing agency helping purpose-driven brands to connect genuinely with their audiences.

These are highly challenging times. As brand owners and marketers, it can be tough to sort out what to say, and how to best say it. We welcome you to reach out: we’re offering free 30-minute consultations throughout April. We look forward to connecting.



Bring your team together (virtually for now!) to get clear on brand story, critical messaging, and how to share it all online. In 2-3 sessions you’ll have enthusiastic buy-in from your key stakeholders and a clear plan of action to run with.


Story campaigns are about telling your story expertly across multiple channels. A well-executed story campaign is like an orchestra, with narratives told beautifully in surprising ways and places, driving the audience to take action. Voila. Done for you.


For the love of Pete, as Nana says, don’t leave your content for last. Great websites demand beautiful design. Compelling UX. Solid development. And compelling content that tells a story—not only on your site, but across your social channels.


As a content marketing agency, we tell stories for brands, using digital marketing and content marketing tactics to reach the right audiences, and amplify results. Our passion is telling real stories. Human stories. Stories that delight. And inspire. And that prompt action that matters.

Here, we’ll share stories about our own lessons. We’ll let you know what works, and what doesn’t. We’ll share failures along with successes.


We work with brands who are brave, who want to inspire change–because we too want to inspire change: to do better for women and kids in our communities. We invite you to join us on our journey.