Growth With Purpose: Within People

Unlearn everything you know about leadership and instead, lead from within.

These concepts intrigued us from the moment we first met the team at Within People, a global partnership of business strategists who are building a new model of business growth for the 21st century.

And they’re clearly onto something big, having worked with companies around the world to help leaders leverage culture to grow the businesses they love.

The Challenge

Within People came to us with the idea for a lead generation campaign. But as a globally disparate team of remote strategists who all contribute to business development and social media marketing, they quickly realized they first needed to put a unified social media strategy in place before they could begin to drive lead generation.

We happily rolled up our sleeves and got to work!

The Work

Our first order of business was to guide WP’s core team through our well-tested story and messaging workshop series to clarify their goals, target audience and messaging in order to develop rich and resonant audience personas—whom we all now feel we’ve known for years.

From there, we put together a social media channel plan that would empower WP’s core communicators to share updates, thought leadership and, of course, lead generation campaigns.

Finally, we outlined a variety of lead generation campaign options designed to build awareness of and connection with the primary target audience, and the team chose one to focus on: a downloadable guide rich with relatable, inspiring stories and actionable information specifically targeted at Kourtnee, one of their key personas: the lead most valuable to their business.

The Outcome

We worked with Within People to shape and edit a guide that delighted the WP team, and put a campaign plan in place that included the development of a landing page, social media ads and organic posts, as well as an email nurturing sequence and a monthly newsletter. Then we proudly sent the guide (you can see it and download it here!) out into the world.

Within a month’s time, the campaign resulted in a conversion rate of 9% on downloads of the guide from visitors to the landing page (well above an industry average of 2.35%).

The email nurturing sequence resulted in an open rate of 53.5% (compared to an industry average of 20.3%) and a click rate of 8.1% (compared to an industry average of 2.49%).

In the first month, the campaign generated 77 qualified leads (hello, Kourtnees!), and Within People engaged us to extend the campaign for an additional two months.

Why We Love ‘Em

They felt like kindred spirits from the start, and we have heartily gotten behind everything Within People preaches: from finding and nurturing your purpose to leading with empathy to empowering employees to work in ways that best suit them.

Getting to work with such a delightful, warm, and forward-thinking bunch — and helping other businesses to thrive — was not only well “within” our purview, but also lifted our hopes for the development of working environments around the world where all people can truly thrive.

Quick Overview

These ‘human first’ growth consultants felt like kindred spirits from the start, so it was a pleasure to nail their story & social strategy, supporting them on long-form content, strategic web content and copy, a lead generation campaign, and much more.

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