LESSON – Let’s Talk About That Audience: Defining Your First Persona

Get ready to work on your personas! Please ensure that your Course Worksheet is open to the second sheet: Personas.

If you haven’t already, find the Course Worksheet here, then make your own editable copy.

Then start considering which audience group you first want to create messaging for.

In this lesson you’ll also find a downloadable list of our 20 favourite questions to ask in interviews or surveys, to get to know your audience better, and begin to define their persona.


  • How to choose your messaging audience
  • Start with one audience segment
  • How to find out more about your audience (current or new)
  • Tools to use to find out more
  • Are personas worth it?
  • The ‘Jobs to be Done’ approach to messaging
  • Persona template samples
  • Walkthrough of how to complete Step 2