LESSON – Goal Setting: What OKRAs Are and How To Set ‘Em for Your Content Marketing

It’s time to open and work on your Course Worksheet!

If you haven’t already, please make a copy of your worksheet, and save it to your Drive.

You are also welcome to download other versions of the worksheet in the Course Materials section (back in Orientation).

What You’ll Be Figuring Out

What this sheet does is ask you to define your high-level business objectives, your content marketing objectives, the ways you’ll measure progress, and what your audience needs to do to make that progress — in a nutshell.

Please feel free to jot down notes if you have clear answers. You can also — on Step 1 of your worksheet — take a look at the examples in italics which are always going to be near the bottom of the sheet.

  • Introduction to OKRs and our Business Objective Template
  • Filled in Example Business Objective.