EXAMPLES – Examples to Use When Developing Your Persona

Examples to Use When Developing Your Persona

You’re doing great! 💪

As you make your way through the course, we invite you to check out the examples that we’ve provided in your Course Worksheet. Use these as references for how you might develop your own persona, or just as general ideas for how to fill out a particular section or box. It really will help!

For example: Scroll down each tab or sheet to take a look at the two ‘example’ personas we’ll be using throughout the course. Lucy is in there first: she’s our persona representing busy business owners who might just be taking this course. 🙂

The second is that Shannon character who is an entrepreneur working from home who needs a bit of flexible online fitness (to keep her flexible). Take a look at how we’ve fleshed her out. Her JOB? She needs to get some exercise in a limited time. Her pain points? Mostly she hates those impossibly fit people in tiny sports bras with sculpted abs telling her that ‘they get her’. (So we won’t use that kind of messaging on her, right?) From these insights, we might see that a benefit your content could offer might be encouragement from real people like her–rather than from some super-fit model. Yes? Yes.

Now: give it a try with your own audience group. Consider what you know about who your audience is — and also what you don’t. When you come across something about them you don’t know — it’s a perfect chance to dig in again to those analytics, and/or to reach out and ask by email, phone, or in a survey.