CLOSE-UP – The ‘Jobs To Be Done’ Approach to Messaging

Close-Up on the ‘Jobs To Be Done’ Approach to Messaging

Jobs to Be Done is a framework developed by the innovation consulting firm Strategyn, focused on identifying outcomes that customers seek, as opposed to products they want.
Here’s how we’ve applied their excellent framework to content marketing: we ensure that in addition to considering the ‘standard’ persona questions around customer pains, gains, and online behaviour, we also know exactly what their endgame is—that’s their JTBD.

Jobs to Be Done for your content audience might include:
  • functional tasks they need to accomplish, like finding the best online fitness app at the best price
  • social jobs they have, like sharing awesome/informative/delightful content with their friends, or like being the one most in the know about the latest [insert your kind of product here]
  • feeling a certain way (e.g., inspired, entertained, better informed, more confident about an ability)
See the value in this line of thinking? These aren’t the kinds of things you normally understand from a conventional persona. And they’re exactly the kinds of things that lead to better messaging.