CLOSE-UP – Let’s Learn the Magic Formula, Shall We?

What do you need your audience to DO? And what must they KNOW and BELIEVE to drive that action?

If you do absolutely nothing else in this course, you’ll find value in doing THIS.

With an understanding of your audience persona, and their pains, gains and jobs, it’s now time to figure out what you need. (See? I’ve got you!)

In this step, you’ll here be identifying what action you need your persona to take as a result of coming across, reading, or engaging with your content. That’s your “DO. This might include things like: laughing out loud–or better still, LOL’ing in the comments so other people see their approval. Or sharing your content. Or signing up for a newsletter. Or viewing MORE of your content. Or buying your product.

Once you’re clear on the actions you need your persona to take — ideally in the order they might take those actions — your task is to figure out all of the logical stuff they need to understand, or know, about your brand, products, services, and/or offerings, in order to actually take those steps. This is the nitty gritty: it’s details about your offerings, it’s what they need to do, it’s the facts about why you’re better than a competitor. It’s the information they need to take that action, or a series of actions.

And this is the piece that most blah marketers miss—and that you can nail. It’s hard to get to, but just what is it that your persona needs to believe about you, or feel about you, that’s likely to make them take that action? This bit has nothing to do with telling them facts, but rather concerns itself with what your audience thinks of you. How they perceive you. Or as Jeff Bezos might say, how they might talk about your brand when you’re in another room.

And don’t be daunted if this one leaves you puzzled. As a marketer, I can do this fairly easily for others, but when it comes to my own business, this is tough to answer! If that’s the case for you, try what I tried: ask your teammates. Ask your partner. Ask a friend. ‘If I wanted to get you to sign up for a newsletter (to use just one example) what would you need to believe about my brand?’ They’re likely to say things like: ‘that you’re trustworthy and won’t spam me’. Or “that you’ll give me something I can’t get anywhere else.”

That, my friend, is your BELIEVE.