CANVA STYLE GUIDE WORKBOOK – It’s Time to Complete Page 9 of Your Canva Style Guide Workbook

It’s YOUR turn!

Jump into your own Canva Style Guide Workbook by opening up Canva, and locating your file.

Remember: you added the template to your own files in Canva at the beginning of the course. Can’t find it? Look in Recent Files in Canva, or just go back to the course Orientation, and download it again.

Complete page 9 of your Canva Style Guide Workbook and start to add all of the assets that you currently have. If you are starting from scratch you don’t need to do this.

  • You you have a drag and drop your high resolution PNG into the page.
  • if you only have links to files add them all in here so you can find them again (and so can your team)
  • The goal is to be able to FIND your assets and brand elements easily.