CANVA STYLE GUIDE WORKBOOK – Complete Pages 4-7 of Your Canva Style Guide Workbook

It’s YOUR turn!

By simply understanding your brand’s mission, values, tone and style you can begin to craft a personality that accurately reflects who you are as a company.

Now it’s time to add it to your Canva Style Guide Workbook!  Complete page 4, 5, 6 & 7 using all you know about your business and brand.

Here is the link again to the Canva Style Guide Workbook but remember that if you already clicked on the template you need to go find it so that you don’t have multiple versions of the template in your canva files!

If you just completed the Ultimate Quickstart Guide to Better Online Brand Design (I highly recommend doing this if you don’t have a current Mission Statement, Core Values, and/or a Brand Personality defined for your brand at this point!) then add your mission statement/core values and brand personality into the Style Guide.

TIP: We have added in some starting ideas for Core Values and Brand Personality to make figuring this out a little faster and easier for you!