ACTION BREAKDOWN – How to Complete Step One on Your Course Worksheet

DEMO Video: Watch as we complete this section using our sample personas

ACTION: Open the link to your Course Worksheet (Excel, Google Sheets, PDF) and follow the instructions on the first page.

Note: You will have to make a copy of the sheet for your own working purposes. We also suggest renaming it something memorable for you, and/or saving it in a place you use for your branding, messaging or marketing.

After you have made your own copy, follow the instructions: 

  • Business Objectives: Draft one thing (to start with) your business wants to achieve. This should be something big you want to accomplish that’s important to your business success. Often, this involves revenue, sales, leads, or broader brand awareness.
  • Content Marketing Objectives: identify what content marketing could help you to achieve to move closer to the Business Objective you just defined. This objective should be more specific — start by asking yourself the question: what do I most need my website copy, blog or video content, or social media marketing to do for my business to move me closer to my business objective? 
  • In Key Results, think of one or more results that will enable you to measure progress towards the content marketing objective(s) that you just defined. Often listing these results will tell you exactly what needs to be done to get there. List those results, and ensure that they are ‘tickable’ — meaning that you can tick them off your list when complete.
  • In Audience Actions, note at least one action your audience would need to perform to drive the Key Results you just listed. Some of your key results  will be dependant on what your audience does or doesn’t do, after all, so get crystal clear on what those audience actions are. This should, in the end, give you some pretty clear ideas about what your message needs to achieve to drive those audience actions.

NOTE: If you scroll down on any of the tabs/sheets within the Course Worksheet, you’ll always find useful examples designed to serve as models or inspirations for you. You’ll also see a fully mapped out messaging plan on the final sheet, which should guide your progress.