ACTION BREAKDOWN – How to Complete Step 4

In this course we’ll be asking you to consider your messaging ‘job’ in general. Later you can get into the nitty gritty of each stage of the customer journey.

ACTION: Open your Course Worksheet to the sheet called “Step 4: Your Messaging Job

Answering this 3-question set reveals your messaging Job.

  • Consider what you would most like your target persona to DO as a result of encountering your messaging or content.
  • Next, consider what they would need to UNDERSTAND to prompt them to take that action. These are the logical things they need to understand about you, your products, services, and offerings in general.
  • Finally, get emotional: think carefully about what they would need to BELIEVE about your offering and/or brand in order to take that action.

NOTE: Watch the video in this section for a walk through example of how we do this process at Forge & Spark.