ACTION BREAKDOWN – How to Complete Step 3

DEMO Video: Building your Persona into what you offer through messaging.

ACTION: Open to Step 3 on your Course Worksheet called “Align your Offerings”. You’ll notice that your answers from the earlier steps will have auto-populated into this sheet in LIGHT BLUE! Crazy, right?

Your Job? Fill in the bright yellow boxes with things you know you need to, or maybe already do say, to let your audience know you can help them accomplish their “job”

Similarly, in your Pain Relief Messaging, jot down what you say or should say to let your audience know you can address or totally do away with one of their pain points

And finally, in Gain Messaging, note one thing you tell your audience about a gain you provide.

NOTE: Take a break from the videos and take a good 30 minutes to think about this. This is important work and it’s important to take the time to get it done correctly.