We work with teams making great content—once in a while, when they can, off the sides of their desks. We also work with leaders who aren’t sure if they’ve got the right people on board. And we work with solopreneurs and marketing leaders who just need a structural nudge and a little support to create that next engaging round of content. Our collaborative workshop-style strategy and content marketing training sessions—in person or online—get to the heart of your key challenges and opportunities—and bring you the experts and ideas you need. They work.

Choose one, choose the series, or talk to us about customizing your own workshop or training session.

Get your team on the same page with smart content marketing strategy.

In all of our collaborative online workshops, we provide you and your team with information, activities, and assignments that will enable you to envision and/or set up the vital parts of a trusted and reliable content marketing system. Take one session to solve one problem you know you need to address. Or by completing the series with us, emerge with an actionable content marketing plan that you can implement, measure, adjust and repeat for your business.

Following the series you’ll have an option be fully supported by our content team, to deliver on your new strategy, or to sign on for monthly consultation (via Zoom) and production in just the areas you need.

Who Needs This: Marketing Teams, Content Teams, Organizations With Multiple Stakeholders, Teams Looking to Create or Refresh Strategy to Get Results

We’re more than happy to customize the right single workshop or series for you and your team. Please do get in touch. 

Forge & Spark Media, Vancouver Content Marketing Agency




Set a firm foundation for telling your unique brand story.


Clear content goals

A set of priority stories to tell

Consensus within your team

Well-defined personas/audience targets

Clarity on how to measure success

Competitive research and examples from your best competitors

Define your key stories and messaging and create a framework to share them.


Clear marketing stories and messaging for each persona

A channel plan, identifying where to tell each story, and how

Sample/example content types for each channel

A visual style guide for your stories across channels

A content calendar with planned content for up to three months

Create a smooth set of processes for creating content and measuring success.


A clear tactical plan for executing on your strategy

Clear roles and responsibilities for content ops within your team

A list of recommended tools and templates

A schedule for planning, creation, publication, promotion and measurement

A template for reporting and analysis + training for your team

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