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As a part of our Brand Kit package, clients have 10 content ‘credits’ to spend with us as part of having us develop their Brand Design System. We’ve identified pricing for the following deliverables.
If you’d like to create a logo, or redesign your current logo (rather than optimizing it), we can do that – it just takes time. In this package, we can work from an existing Canva logo template, and create the right logo for you based on your branding preferences.
A design-phase mockup of one of your website pages to illustrate how you might apply your new Design System on your website. Note: This mockup is not meant to be used in development (you will need to go through a more formal web design process focused on user experience and functionality), but rather to communicate the overall look and feel of the product and its functionality to your team and/or future designers/developers.

A branded presentation deck in Google Slides (with up to 3 different page layouts) using your new Design System.

Icons can add personality and visual interest to any page. We deliver your own branded ‘set’ of icons for use on web and in documents, compatible with your Design System.

A branded Google Doc or Doc Template using your new colour palette and font system.

Branded ‘headers’ for your social channels

Branded posts for selected social channels (e.g., a Testimonial post, a ‘Did You Know’ post)

Branded templates for IG or FB Stories using your new Design System

A series of branded ‘background’ patterns or textures that you might choose to apply to web pages, documents, or social posts to provide visual interest and depth

We’re happy to customize a quote for you.

FS Product Brand Kit


You know who you are as a brand. We’ll help you bring your personality and presence to all of your social media and online visual content — on every channel — by developing your own Visual Identity System.

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