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Grief Coach

Grief Coach launched in May 2019, offering a text messaging service that delivers personalized tips and reminders to people who are grieving—as well as to the friends and family who want to support them.

It’s support for the supporters. Soon after launching, CEO Emma Payne was fielding questions and interest from national hospices and grief organizations–and asked Forge & Spark to create a campaign to gain their trust and answer their questions.

Following Discovery work that included signing up for the service ourselves, and creating a new, unique persona for a bereavement care manager (based on many interviews with bereavement care managers), we created a landing page and content marketing campaign in record time, which is being executed today.

Within a month after launching the campaign, Grief Coach signed their first agreement with a national hospice organization to support grieving people and their communities. That’s ROI. Plus genuine help for people who need it.

Grief Coach provides a much-needed and contemporary service to support grieving people and their communities. Their messages are helpful, kind, and touching–and ultimately they answer the question ‘what can I do to help’ without you ever having to ask.