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Galiano Conservancy Social Media Handbook

We love helping clients that do good for their communities, and this project is a perfect example of just that.

The Galiano Conservancy Association (GCA) is a non-profit organization that focuses on environmental stewardship of beautiful Galiano Island through education and community-building. The group relies on grants for much of their funding, and when they received a grant for marketing, we were thrilled to provide support!

The Challenge

The team at GCA came to us seeking guidance on creating a cohesive social media presence. Since the team faces high turnover due to seasonal employees and short-term volunteers, it has found it challenging to achieve a consistent tone and approach on its social media channels. GCA needed a single source of truth for social media that would provide easily digestible guidance to empower its team members.

Quick Overview

CLIENT: Galiano Conservancy Association
GOAL: To establish social media messaging strategy and guidelines to empower team members to tell their stories and share their important work


  • Social media strategy and execution plan
  • 30% increase in Instagram followers

Galiano Conservancy Social Media Handbook Cover

The Work

The first step to upping GCA’s social media game was investigating their content—and their competitors (we call them ‘worthy rivals’), too! We performed a thorough content audit for both groups.

We shared our findings with the team in the first of three collaborative Zoom workshops, in each discussing our findings and recommendations to date, and diving into Discovery on key areas of inquiry. Throughout these sessions, we listened carefully and ultimately helped GCA hone in on their most important social media goals, target audience groups, key messages, and optimal channels and content types.

The Outcome

We documented all findings and recommendations in a comprehensive Social Media Handbook for use by the GCA team and its future volunteers and contributors. The Handbook is packed with guidance, examples, and actionable items designed to help the team elevate their social media content now and in the future. The Handbook has already empowered and enabled a new marketing hire to elevate GCA’s channels, resulting in immediate audience growth on key social channels. Going forward, it will set up future team members for success.

It’s always a thrill to see clients bring our recommendations to life! Check out their instagram feed.

Galiano Conservancy Instagram World Migratory Bird Day Post
Galiano Conservancy Instagram World Water Day Post
Galiano Conservancy Instagram Orcas Infographic Post

Why We Love ‘Em

The GCA team is passionate about preserving nature and promoting sustainability in a gorgeous place in the world—and it warmed our hearts to see them so quickly and effectively translate that passion into gorgeous storytelling on social channels. 

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