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Barbara Alink calls the walking bicycle she invented “a vehicle for social change.” Indeed it is: she approached Forge & Spark Media in June 2019 after Selma Blair, a well-known actress and spokesperson for Multiple Sclerosis, told the world how much the bright yellow vehicle changed her own life.

First, to craft the right messaging across web and social channels (including blog, website, newsletter, and social media) to share the young brand’s excitement about the surge in interest in the Alinker, brought about by Blair’s endorsement, while also letting the community know that supplies were running low. Second, to create a campaign to to help users crowdfund their own Alinkers, and to share their stories. Third, to help refine Alinker’s internal operations, beginning with reporting, recommendations, and active fixes around Alinker’s digital marketing. And finally, to craft a digital strategy and infrastructure that will see Alinker growing and evolving and expanding into the future.

To date we have created and delivered a thorough digital and content audit; launched a lively blog; initiated weekly reporting and work sessions, optimized Alinker’s four Shopify websites, and provided recommendations for digital and content workflows. We’re now deep in the process of crafting a digital strategy and suggested infrastructure.

This little yellow ray of sunshine truly changes lives. We are wiping tears regularly as we hear the stories of determination, hope and true community. Plus there is something completely new every week with this creative, brilliant, and deeply compassionate crew. Follow the Alinker story here, here and here.