MODULE 1: What is a visual strategy and how can it help my brand?


A visual strategy is a kind of visual roadmap that communicates your brand’s story, values and personality in a way that words alone cannot. 

Your visual strategy is guided by the purpose and goals of your business. It guides, in turn, how you visually express and communicate your brand identity.

Creating an actionable system for expressing your brand will help you define, refine, implement a consistent look across all platforms and help people immediately understand the beating heart of your business.

Style Guides help you with…

  1. Visual Consistency: A consistent brand experience will help you build trust and credibility with your audience.
  2. Creating Efficiencies: The same set of standards make it easier for your team to stay on track AND see the big picture.
  3. Brand Scalability: A good design system will allow for growth on other platforms while still maintaining the heart of the brand.


Conclusion & Take Aways

Better Messaging, Better Results Online Conclusion & Take Aways And there you have it! The keys to messaging that you must remember — if nothing