How to use this template

How to Use the Flagship Course Template

This template is designed to help you build your premium online course. A flagship course is a knowledge product you’re known for as a course creator – a valuable and prestigious source of education for your target audience.

Note: All lessons and chapters in this template are set to draft. Remember to uncheck this option before publishing your course to make lessons visible to students. Learn more about drafting lessons here.

What is the best way to use this template?

A flagship course is best for course creators who want to produce a definitive and often high ticket resource for their audience. Flagship courses are typically bundled with bonuses like other courses, extra services like coaching, or with physical products. They can have multiple price points and comprehensive brands all to themselves.

Students for this course have likely seen other, smaller knowledge products (e.g. mini-courses, ebooks, blog posts, podcasts) and are committing to a larger, more intense educational experience because they trust your expertise and are looking for a transformation in their lives.

Other reasons why you might make a Flagship course:

  • You want to become the go-to expert in your field
  • You run a certification program that requires a lot of dedication on the student’s part
  • You run a longer evergreen or timely program and drip content over time
  • Your subject matter demands a large, in-depth course to cover it properly
  • You’re ready to turn your other knowledge products into a valuable knowledge product

Learn more about creating a flagship course here »

What is included in this template?

This Flagship template includes five chapters with lessons, in addition to this instruction page. You can either leave this instruction page in draft mode (students can’t view drafted lessons) or delete it before you publish your course.

A description of the included chapters and lessons:

Welcome to the course!Chapter – Chapters contain lessons and are sometimes called modules or sections. You can rename any chapter in this template if you wish.

A message from the instructorVideo Lesson – This lesson is a placeholder for a short video from you, the instructor. Typically, an instructor would add a short (< 2 min) message here thanking the student for enrolling in the course and/or previewing upcoming content to build excitement.

Note: You can change this lesson type to suit your preferred teaching style.

Before we begin…Survey Lesson – This entry survey is designed to help you understand your student’s desired outcome for this course, as well as to gauge their current experience with your course topic. You can use the feedback from this survey to improve your content and marketing efforts.

Note: Students are also asked to gauge their experience in an exit survey (see the bottom of this page) to show you how much your students are changing after learning from your course. Positive changes indicate that you’re doing a good job!

Chapter #Chapter – Each chapter in this course will contain three lessons that help a student accomplish a major milestone. A milestone is a clear and measurable achievement students hit along the way, ultimately achieving course completion.

Accomplishing that milestone typically involves learning:

  • Why someone should accomplish a milestone (a problem, its consequences, and the benefit of fixing it)
  • What they need to accomplish a milestone (the prerequisite knowledge/skills/tools for solving a problem)
  • How to accomplish a milestone (a demonstration of solving a problem)

Note: You can have as many chapters as you need in your course. We’ve started you off with three chapters with three lessons each, which are documented below:

High-level lessonVideo Lesson – In this lesson, explain the why as well as the what behind reaching the next milestone. Make sure the student is aligned with the goal of solving a problem and has what they need to use your solution in this lesson.

Note: You can change this lesson type to suit your preferred teaching style.

How to lesson Video Lesson –  In this lesson, explain the how behind reaching the next milestone. Make sure the student knows how to use your solution to solve the problem and achieve their milestone.

Note: You can change this lesson type to suit your preferred teaching style.

Test Your LearningQuiz Lesson – After each chapter’s lessons, you should include a short, easy quiz that covers only what the student has just learned.

These quizzes aren’t primarily used to measure learning, but rather to reinforce it. Immediately practicing what’s just been taught helps students gauge their progress with the material, and helps it stick. If students struggle to recall the lesson, then they will know to revisit it.

Note: The quiz lesson is set to draft, and you will need to add your own questions relevant to your lessons in this chapter. Remember, this is a basic quiz. Limit the number of questions so the pace of learning is not slowed down.

Next StepsChapter – This chapter helps transition your students out of the course after they have completed all your chapters and lessons. This is the conclusion to the learning experience you’ve just provided.

Congrats! Here’s what’s next…Video Lesson – This lesson is a placeholder for a short video from you, the instructor. Typically, an instructor would add a short (< 2 min) message that makes the student feel accomplished for having made it this far in the course, as well as previewing the next steps.

Note: You can change this lesson type to suit your preferred teaching style.

More resources for youText Lesson – When the student has completed this course, it’s always a good idea to provide them with next steps they can take. Typically, a course instructor will include directions to practice any learning, links to other useful resources or an upsell offer for another course or product of theirs.

Note: We’ve included example copy within the More Resources lesson for you to edit and make your own.

Before you go…Survey Lesson – This exit survey is designed to help you understand whether or not your students have achieved their desired learning outcomes. This survey will also gauge their experience with the course topic after having now finished its lessons.

Note: Compare the results from this survey with results from the entry survey in your first chapter to measure the change and see how effective your lessons are.

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