Conclusion & Take Aways

And there you have it!

The keys to messaging that you must remember — if nothing else?

  1. Start with clear Objectives for your business first, then content, and set Key Results that you can check off your list to know you’re making progress.
  2. Make every effort to understand your target audience on a human level.
  3. Consider that target audience’s pains, gains, and jobs to be done — and align your messaging and your offerings squarely with those three things.
  4. Go forth and create content that prompts your audience to understand and believe what you need them to, in order to take action.

Yes, you ARE fabulous. Congratulations!

Thanks from all of us at Forge & Spark for taking this time to work on your messaging, your business, and your brand—and go ahead and thank yourself, too. You really deserve it.

Messaging isn’t easy, and it’s really never done.

Work on it now by going back through the elements of the course you feel you need to practice. Share your messaging with your team, or a trusted colleague—and be open to their feedback. Then go back and fine-tune your message for one persona.

When you feel like it’s ready, try it out. Create even one post using your messaging, and see how it resonates with your audience. Learn, adjust, and try again.

And then create messaging for the next persona. Learn, adjust, and try again.

I encourage you to be gentle with yourself as you learn this new craft, and to remain as open to your failures as to your successes. AND to reach out if you need support.

Best to you, and good luck on your messaging journey!

~Shannon and the Forge & Spark Team

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