Job Description

Content Marketing Specialist


Job Description

Agency Account Manager/Project Manager


Our purpose-led content marketing agency is looking for a personable, uber-efficient, and resourceful Content Marketing Specialist to help our agency team produce content with purpose for our varied client base. This is a remote and full-time (30 hours per week) position. The right person must have experience as a content or social media producer or manager; be digitally savvy; and be a proven-self starter who works and plays well with others.

🥇 Full-time: This role would require roughly 30 hours per week

🕑 Flexible: We ask that you be available for key meetings and responsive on Slack, and can determine the hours that make the most sense for you and your project teams.

👨🏾‍💻 Remote: Our home base is Vancouver, BC, but we’re remote and flex-time. There are opportunities for weekly in-person work sessions (optional). 

🤑 Growth Opps: In-house mentorship and training.

😎 Killer team: Work with sharp, savvy, warm, diverse, and kind people. 

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The Role

The Content Marketing Specialist works on day-to-day content marketing operations and production for our agency and clients, supporting our teams in delivering our premium content services.

As a Content Marketing Specialist, you’ll contribute to both the development and execution of content marketing strategies and campaigns for our diverse range of clients.

You understand and have at least 2 years of experience in online content development and social media management, and have at the ready samples of your work to share and discuss.

Ideally, you’re an avid consumer of online and social content, as well as a creator and manager, and you understand well how content and social marketing can be used to help businesses grow.

Day-to-day responsibilities vary, depending on clients, but typical responsibilities include:

Conducting brand content audits and researching competitors: To produce premium content strategies for our clients, our team delves into both their own brand content, and our clients’ competitive space, to pinpoint gaps and opportunities for their content to stand out. This involves research and sharing insights about what’s working and what’s not. Content Specialists contribute to this research and share the team’s results and findings in accessible formats for the client.  

Preparing Strategic Roadmaps and documents for discovery: At Forge & Spark we have developed a proven process to determine content marketing strategy, and our Content Specialists help us to prepare the materials for client meetings, workshops, and strategic documentation. Our Content Specialists also help us to set up reporting, and content operations for clients who rely on us for ongoing content support. 

Creating and/or optimizing strategic content for various channels: Our strategies are focused on understanding what specific audiences need and want, so we ask our Content Specialists to become familiar with our audience “personas” and to deliver content designed to optimally reach and engage them. This includes understanding and being familiar with SEO tools and processes to improve a brand’s search engine results pages (SERPs) for new and existing content. Skills in producing content such as Reels, social posts is also desired. 

Editing and ensuring adherence to guidelines and processes: We often create guidelines for clients to ensure consistency in brand voice and tone, word choice, usage rules, etc. Our Content Specialists use and update client and agency guidelines to guide and edit our team’s content production. We also maintain Standard Operating Procedures for our internal processes, and ask all team members to contribute to keeping them updated and correct. 

Creating and updating editorial calendars: A key element in content marketing is consistent publishing according to a strategic ‘roadmap’, so we ask our Content Specialists to participate in the creation of effective content calendars, and on a monthly basis to help map out upcoming calendars, using tools including Asana, Sprout Social, and Later. 

Publishing and promoting content: After content is created, optimized, and edited, it needs to be published and promoted on specific platforms and at specific times to reach the highest number of consumers. We ask Content Specialists to be well-versed in publishing tools including WordPress, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Sprout Social, Later, and native social channels including Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Threads, YouTube, and X. In this role, you’ll be both scheduling content and occasionally publishing live content directly to a given platform. 

Monitoring and analyzing content performance: A key reason for our success as an agency hinges on being able to analyze and improve what’s working – and what’s not. A big part of our Content Specialist’s role is to provide monthly reporting and analysis – working closely with project Strategists – across our client and internal projects. They must be able to gather and communicate insights and recommendations from data analytics, which can include social media platform insights, website traffic, page views, email subscriptions, engagement rates, conversion rates, and more. This task does require familiarity with tools such as Google Analytics and Sprout Social.

The salary range for this role is between $47,000 and $55,000 CAD per year, based on a 30-hour week. 


Who we are...

About Forge & Spark

Founded in 2013, we’re a women-led content marketing agency focused on using our content and communications superpowers to help purpose-driven leaders and organizations to thrive. Our core team is based in Vancouver, BC, with team members and contributors around the world.

Our Clients

Our clients are BCorps, nonprofits, social ventures, and companies driven by purpose as well as profit. We’re on a path to becoming a BCorp ourselves, and are committed to donating at least 1% of our time and/or profits to further the UN SDGs of gender equality, quality education, and sustainable cities and communities. 

Our Values

We put our values into practice. These values guide us in choosing each project we work on and in delivering consistently premium work and results. We believe that if we take good care of each other, we’ll all be better off, too.

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