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How Great Content Helps Bring Customers Through the Door

Last week, a client asked me to summarize the value of what content marketing does for a brand.

In a competitive environment where a brand is focused on getting customers through the door, they said, they wanted to get crystal clear on where their marketing dollars were going. Absolutely, and amen. When you have a client that asks the right questions, you know you’re in a good place.

Along with providing them a blissfully upward-trending graph of their growing audience, and a summary of the strategic changes we’ve made to produce and grow the loyalty of that audience, I shared the following benefits. I’d love to know if you agree.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust.
Trust drives revenue.”

~ Andrew Davis

Customers trust you more.

When you create content in specific areas that you know inside and out, you’re showing up as an expert and as a guide. And when the content delights, helps, and/or educates, your readers trust and turn to you more.

Great content differentiates you.

If you want to be perceived as a trusted advisor and as providing additional value, content is a great place to start. I advise clients to share their expertise generously.

Customers opt in to great content; their initiative starts your relationship.

By publishing content people want, ask for, and sign up to receive, they are starting a relationship with you. Done right, we can then grow these relationships from recognition through to connection, purchase, and advocacy.

It’s not single-serve.

Great content can live for years via the magic of search, and can be built upon, refreshed and repurposed to serve you. You’re investing in a library of brand content with data to support which content to grow.

Search loves content.

Google dines out on good content. It rewards it. Creating optimized content and nurturing thriving social channels promotes brand findability and recognition.

Content is a small investment in attracting and nurturing new audiences.

A delightful animation or a well-placed helpful tip targeted at a particular audience can draw people to your brand voluntarily; there’s no better introduction to your brand.

Shannon Emmerson
Shannon Emmerson
With 20+ years experience in creating and publishing digital content for a range of organizations, Shannon knows it’s all about stories. Inspired by: small acts of courage.