Elevate Your Brand Visuals Today ...

CREATE YOUR BRAND'S visual design system


Elevate Your Brand Visuals Today ...

CREATE YOUR BRAND'S visual design system


Are you ready for consistently gorgeous visual content that says all the right things about your brand and business?

You’ve come to the right place! We’ve helped countless leaders and businesses—at a range of budgets—to meet the pressing need to quickly and powerfully elevate their visual content.

If any of the following things are true for you, we can help you, too ….  

  • You have a hard time creating the right look and feel for your social media or website content 
  • You know what great content looks like, and you know yours is NOT that
  • You’re proud of some of your past content, but recall how long it took to produce
  • You’ve heard about easy-to-use design systems (having all your logos, brand colours, and social media templates in once place), but that all feels like a crazy dream


It's time to take your visual content from so-so to stunning.

You believe in your brand and business, and know you can help your customers. 

You know what you stand for, what you’re selling, and the values that guide you. 

But are you seeing this clearly in your content? 

If not—if your visual content is not clearly and consistently telling the right stories about your brand, you’re running the risk of confusing and losing your customers. A confused or unimpressed person can, after all, just scroll to the next clear solution.

But you can achieve clarity and visual power. And we can help. 


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Our Visual Branding training and services will give you clarity, tools, and packaged resources for better visual branding.

We offer three tiers of service: DIY online training, fast-track support, or full agency service. 

  1. DIY COURSE ON IMPROVING YOUR BRAND DESIGN: Our BETTER ONLINE BRAND DESIGN COURSE gives you step-by-step guidance from Forge & Spark’s Creative Director, Lara Kroeker, on how to define your brand and express it visually. We give you all the tools and templates to define your brand and capture all your visual elementsfrom your logo and typography to social media templates— in an insanely handy Style Guide you’ll likely use every single day. 
  2. FAST-TRACK SUPPORT – WE DEVELOP YOUR VISUAL BRAND SYSTEM & STYLE GUIDE: Love the idea of a DIY course but don’t have the time to do it all yourself? No problem … hire us to create your visual brand system and style guide for you in a super-efficient “fast-track” process. We’ll match you up with one of our pro designers, and in the course of a week will work with you to develop your unique Visual Branding Package, gathered in your own Style Guide.
  3. PREMIUM AGENCY SERVICE – YOUR VISUAL BRAND IDENTITY:  A worthwhile investment in creating all of the original design elements required to create a distinctive and cohesive brand image online. From the design of a fully customized logo, to colour scheme development, typography selection and the capture of your unique photographic and illustrative style, we’ll deliver premium agency service, along with a powerful visual identity captured in a Brand Style Guide, over the course of 3-4 months. 

Say “yes please” today to better visual branding—on your own terms, whatever they may be. 

develop the power of visual branding

Our services help you get clear on your branding, then get organized in consistently expressing it in content.

Whether to choose to do it yourself, to fast-track your visual branding, or to hire our team of content professionals to give your brand the premium treatment, you’ll discover, clarify, and elevate the visual identity of your brand. 

Our unique approach also delivers you and your team maximum ease and efficiency, thanks to our agency-tested system for documenting and gathering all of your visual elements and assets—everything from your various logo versions to your brand’s colour palette and typography to your photographic style to your social media templates. 

No matter where you are in your brand journey, your system and style guide will serve you and/or your team as you grow and evolve.

Whether you choose to go DIY, Fast-Track, or Premium Agency Service, you’ll come away with a Visual Branding Package that includes: 

  • Your Logo Suite and its variations 
  • Guiding statements for your Brand Mission, Values, and Personality  
  • Your brand’s Custom Font Combination (Heading, Sub-Heading & Body)
  • Your brand’s Custom Colour Palette including hex codes
  • Support (via online tutorials and/or our agency team) for adding brand assets to your Style Guide

We also offer add-on services, depending on the option you choose, for creating visual branding elements including: brand patterns or textures, branded photographs and illustrations, icon series, and/or customized or original branded templates for social media posts (i.e.,Carousels, Testimonials, Stories, Reels, Quizzes, and more).

Still have questions?

Guided by our Creative Director in a 2-hour online course, YOU develop your brand's visual system, using our tools, templates, and clear instruction.

Cost: $147 CAD
Our agency designer develops your brand's Visual Design System & Style Guide based on customized templated options. Delivered within one week.

Cost: $3,750 CAD
Our hand-picked agency team guides you in developing a full Visual Brand Identity, including the development of an original logo.

Starts at $8,500 CAD
2-Hr Online Course
1-2 Weeks
3-4 Months
Agency Support
E-Support from Course Facilitator
1:1 Consultations with Agency Designer
Dedicated PM and Full Agency Support
Working Session(s)
Discovery Session, Workshop(s), and Presentation via Zoom (up to 4 hours)
Premium Brand Development Workshop Series With Agency Team
Logo Development
YOU customize 4 versions of your brand logo from starter templates, with course guidance
WE customize and fine-tune 4 versions of your brand logo from starter templates
Original premium logo development, up to 8 versions
Development of Visual Brand Identity (Mission, Values, Visual Tone, & Style)
Resources and Guidance Provided For You
Designer-Led, Collaborative Process to Develop Your Visual Identity
Fully Customized Agency-Guided Process to Develop and Refine Your Visual Brand Identity
Brand Colour Palette
YOU Select From 25 Predesigned Colour Combinations
WE Provide Recommendations & Develop Your Customized Colour Palette from 25 Predesigned Colour Combinations
WE Design and Develop Your Original Colour Palette
Brand Font/Typography
YOU Select From 25 Predesigned Font Combinations
WE Provide Recommendations & Develop Your Customized Typography from 25 Predesigned Font Combinations
WE Design, Develop, and Integrate Your Brand Fonts/Typography
Brand Photos & Illustrations
Resources and Guidance Provided For You
WE Recommend/Select 10 Premium Brand Photos and/or Illustrations, From Stock
WE Recommend/Select 25 Premium Brand Photos and/or Illustrations, From Stock, With Customization As Required
Resources and Guidance Provided For You
Family of 10 branded icons
Family of 25 branded icons
Branded Patterns and Textures
FULLY CUSTOMIZED Brand Patterns & Textures
Social Media Templates
YOU Customize 5 Provided Social Media Templates with Course Guidance
WE Work With You to Brand/Customize 10 Social Media Templates
WE Design and Brand/Customize Up to 25 Social Media Templates
Final Product
YOU Create Your Own Visual Branding & Style Guide Using Course Guidance and Resources
WE Develop Your Visual Branding Package & Style Guide, Including a Final Review Session
AGENCY-DEVELOPED Visual Brand Identity and Premium Branding Package, Incorporating Iterative Feedback and Fully Organized Assets

Yes, we do this for many clients. We’d recommend that you choose the Fast-Track or the Premium Agency  option. We warmly encourage you to book a call for a customized quote.

Yes, we do this for many clients. We’d recommend that you either choose the Fast-Track option or the Full;Service Brand Strategy and Visual Identity option. We welcome you to book a call for a customized quote.

We design and develop small websites, and/or partner with premium contractors and agencies to design and deliver website projects, depending on scope. 

Please book a call with us to discuss your specific needs. We’d be happy to provide our honest take on the best possible options to meet your needs. 

The time required may depend on where you are in your visual branding journey.

Most often, we require 3-5 hours of your time, altogether, and can usually complete your package in the Fast Track option within 3-5 business days. 

Depending on your schedule, our Project Manager will book from one to three sessions with you, including a First Discovery Session, a longer working session, and a final review session. 

It depends where we’re starting from! If you are looking for a fresh brand design, we do recommend our Fast Track or Full Agency service.  If you already have a brand, we consider these services a refresh rather than a redesign. Ours is a process that helps you refresh, unify, and streamline all your brand assets so they look and feel consistent and ‘on brand’ for you. 
No, a brand strategy focuses on ‘who you are’ as a brand, rather than the kinds of business products or services you pursue, and how you do that (that’s more a Business Strategy).
A brand strategy generally  encompasses brand attributes like voice and tone, key brand stories, your brand’s purpose and values, and your overall brand personality, look and feel.