Content Marketing Really Works for These 4 Business Types

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November 2, 2018
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Content Marketing Really Works for These 4 Business Types

It may well be that content marketing is not for everyone. But in my experience, if your small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) falls into any of the following categories, it would serve you pretty darned well to start producing and publishing some fabulous content that resonates with the people you want to be sure are reading it. Believe it or not, 93 percent of B2B marketers leverage their content marketing, but they also spend over 40 percent of their total marketing budgets on good content. See if you can relate to any of these types of businesses.

The New-to-Marketing Business

If you are currently experimenting with getting your content thang going, you’re in the right place to start building a relationship with your target audience. Take this opportunity to take a look around you and see what your competitors are up to in their content marketing. Here’s a great example.

Tastemaker is a collection of chefs, restaurants, and cool artisans who collaborate to showcase cities’ best foods and drinks. Toronto is one of the cities included in this immersive festival. Each year, Toronto and the other cities involved in the happening throw the ultimate party for food lovers. The group was launched in 2018 but is already taking the world by storm. Aligning with renowned chefs from each city’s favourite culinary spots and inviting a huge number of excellent and varied vendors to the party, Tastemakers has quite a hold on many different makers’ and vendors’ psyches. Naturally, they have terrific content on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and #TastemakerTO.

The Business That’s Got Something Big to Prove

If your developing business has a few core challenges, consider them blessings in disguise. Remember that social media networks are social, not selling platforms. SMEs have to earn sales and lead generation as a result of proving the value of their business or product. The following Canadian artisan food SME may be a good example.

Hellish Relish was founded by Heather Bottoms of the Okanagan Valley. Her relish is additive-free, preservative-free, gluten-free, and contains no GMO products. Heather put her product on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and presents her product on her website as well, telling stories everywhere she publishes — I particularly love the personal, detail-rich family story she tells on her About Us page.

The Organization Considering Expansion

If you intend to open new stores, expand your products, or plan to start selling in another country, you’ll do well to rev up your content as well. Why? Well, your content marketing strategy may need to be translatable to different languages; you might need to change your target audience in some ways; and/or you may need to change your brand story somewhat to ensure it connects culturally.

Maes Beer in Belgium wanted to make sure they gave their only major competitor a run for its money. So, with the help of a company of creatives,  the beer company decided to share—with all the families in Belgium owning the last name Maes—a free barrel of beer. Maes attracted more than 500,000 people in six weeks to its Facebook page, making it to 6 percent most active pages globally. Well done.

Pretty Much Anyone Needing to Solve a Complicated Problem

Content marketing is a fabulous way to answer complex questions and to address customer dilemmas. Content generation, unlike a 30-second ad, can allow businesses to provide informative and lively answers for their followers. SME owners can tell their stories on a blog, website, or social media channel.

Anxiety Canada is a registered charity and was established in British Columbia in 1999. Their mission is to increase the consciousness of anxiety conditions and support different approaches to resources and treatments. Their website, Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube videos, and their Instagram account are full of helpful and informative resources, self-help tips, workshop information, and much more. This organization is using content to answer questions and inform Canadian families.


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Shannon Emmerson
Shannon Emmerson
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