5 Content Marketing Strategies to Recruit and Engage Employees

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5 Content Marketing Strategies to Recruit and Engage Employees

There’s a reason marketing leaders increasingly rely on content marketing to achieve their key objectives: content marketing, when it’s effectively executed, works. According to Content Marketing Institute (CMI), for example, content marketing leaders generate almost eight times as much web traffic as non-leaders. And content marketing is 62% less expensive than traditional outbound strategies, but generates three times as many qualified leads.

Taking a cue from its own research findings, CMI is one of the forward-leaning companies which now uses this proven marketing approach for more than selling its products and services (and one that truly follows its own advice). Specifically, they now use content marketing to hire top content marketers. As CMI’s Kelsey Mayer notes in “How We Used Content to Hire 30 People in One Year:”

“Just like your prospective customers want to hire the best of the best, prospective employees want to work with industry leaders, too. Those future employees want to know that the team they’re about to sign on with is credible, innovative, and ultimately worth committing their talents to — and when it’s done right, your content can show them that.”

How to Win the Competition for Top Talent

Content marketing is especially effective for companies whose top priority is talent acquisition. Distributing relevant and compelling content to the talent pool for key positions helps hugely in creating a relationship with those talented folks, and in creating a positive perception of the company among them. Especially when compared with companies that don’t do this—companies that don’t make the effort to establish that relationship, or share ‘softer’ information about their values and character—it can create a compelling emotional reason for a candidate to accept one job offer over another.

Here are 5 strategies you can use today to improve your recruiting efforts with content marketing:

  1. Bring together your marketing and human resources teams. Candidates for IT positions have different interests and concerns than those for sales jobs. Your marketing team needs to know, as far in advance as possible, what positions are likely to open so they can properly get to know (through the development of detailed audience personas) who they’re targeting, and so they can then develop an effective content strategy to meet those individuals’ specific interests and concerns.
  2. Include human resources in your documented content marketing strategy. Marketers who document their content strategy are more effective than those who don’t. That means, as you develop your documented strategy, you need to integrate recruitment (and engagement) content strategies. This ensures that content marketing will be applied to every important open position.
  3. Gain insights from current employees. People who already work for you are a key resource in developing effective content for future employees. They can tell what benefits and strengths are likely to be most persuasive, based on their own experience and needs. For example, if you’re attempting to fill a key marketing position, current members of the marketing team might tell you that they particularly like flexible work schedules, or autonomy, or the ability to work remotely on occasion. You can use this in your marketing too (if you ask nicely).
  4. Use content to provide candidates with an insider’s view of your company. Well-written blogs and articles are one of the best ways to showcase what everyday life working for your company is like. You can introduce job candidates to future colleagues, highlight important company events, and demonstrate the strengths of your company’s culture, like high levels of morale and engagement.
  5. Measure results for continual improvement. As with any other marketing campaign, it’s critically important to measure the results of your content-oriented recruitment efforts so that you can tweak and improve in the future. You can use current analytics software to measure key metrics, like the number of people who complete online applications, and the sources (such as email, LinkedIn and HR recruiters) which produce the strongest applicants.

The Takeaway: Consider Future Employees a New Audience for Your Content Marketing

As you begin to consider the kinds of strategies to attract top talent to your company, content marketing might not initially be near the top of your list. Delve deeper. In the same way that content marketing pulls customers to your products and services, it can also demonstrate to top talent that your business, as an employer, beats out your competitors.

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Shannon Emmerson
Shannon Emmerson
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